The Kingdom Collection

  • I am Here for the anointed Life.

    It was clear to me that God had anointed us to do exactly what He has placed in us to do. He has equipped us with everything we need. However, it is up to us to tap into, and walk in the authority God has already given us. We do not have to sit back and take it! Nor do we have to accept mediocrity.
  • Are you a doubt killer or is doubt killing you?

    Philippians 4:13 “for I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” If that is so, then why do we doubt? Doubt can cause us to hesitate in activating our faith in every area of our lives.  Whether we are allowing doubt to infiltrate through our own thoughts and words, or we’re accepting someone else’s influence to cause us to doubt what God has already spoken.
  • Church Girl Nah... God's Girl!

     I remember feeling so conflicted and annoyed with the term “Church girl, primarily due to the fact that this moniker was reserved for individuals who subscribed to the notion of regularly attending church, and consciously making the decision to no longer engage in the negative mindsets and behaviors commonly associated with “The Hood”.