Church Girl Nah... God's Girl!


 I remember feeling so conflicted and annoyed with the term “Church girl, primarily due to the fact that this moniker was reserved for individuals who subscribed to the notion of regularly attending church, and consciously making the decision to no longer engage in the negative mindsets and behaviors commonly associated with “The Hood”. I was labeled the “Church girl” by friends and family, not because I simply attended church; they were being derogatory, and it was hurtful, and left me feeling outcast. I was not only annoyed, but disappointed with their perception of people who attended church.


In a strange, and even more unfortunate twist, after observing how the stereo typed “church girls” mistreated one another in the house of God, I was now conflicted, and further annoyed. With my very own eyes I observed as the “Church girls” personified this ridiculous moniker. Putting on airs, and fully engaging in clout and title battles. Completely sub-merged in learned behaviors that was full of “church culture” and had absolutely nothing to do with Godly living or Kingdom principles. “Coming from the streets, I wanted no parts of it”. I wanted God FOR REAL!


Instead of allowing all of this to vex me, I’ve opted to use it as fuel to propel me into purpose, and right living. I am no longer annoyed or conflicted by the jaded mindsets of others. I have learned that part of salvation is developing a continuous steadfast relationship with God and extending His grace toward those whom you love. Regardless to how I may be viewed by others, I am “God’s girl!” The girl that my family and my friends can call for prayer, and godly advice. The girl that God can use to plant seeds in the next generation of my family. The girl God can use for His glory. I am the girl who loves God completely, and of my own free will have completely surrendered my life, my love, and my all to him. Church girl nah… I am God’s girl!


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