I am Here for the anointed Life.

Luke 4:18 says: "The Spirit of the LORD is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free.

There was a period where it seemed like the enemy was attempting to wreak havoc on our household and family. Things started happening back to back. It had gotten to the point my husband and I would just look at one another and shake our heads in disbelief. After about a month of total chaos, I was resting on the sofa trying to recover from a virus when I had heard my husband coming down the stairs. He was coming down the stairs so hard I thought something had happened. Too weak to move, I called out… “babe…” He charged into the room and placed his hand on my head. From the scent of frankincense in the air, I knew he had anointed his hand with oil. He began praying… “take your hands off my wife, my family, and my house hold”. I command any sickness to leave my wife’s body. I command this sickness to yield to the word of God.” In that moment I felt the power of God in our home. My husband finished praying and went back upstairs.

I immediately got excited. I was used to seeing my husband pray, but this day was different. There was an undeniable authority in his demeanor. I gathered the strength to get up and walk upstairs to talk to him as he began getting dressed for work. He began to explain that he had been speaking to God about all the things that had been taking place. He said the Lord started revealing to him that he has equipped him to lead his household and anointed him to command order in his home. He further acknowledged that not doing so is like standing back and watching someone bully his family. My husband explained that once he got a vision of that, it made him upset, and his faith jumped into action. Now I understood his demeanor. I realized at that moment my husband was walking in his anointing as the head of our household, and commanding things back in order.

It was clear to me that God had anointed us to do exactly what He has placed in us to do. He has equipped us with everything we need. However, it is up to us to tap into, and walk in the authority God has already given us. We do not have to sit back and take it! Nor do we have to accept mediocrity. God has giving us His mastery to do great things for His glory and His honor. I am a firm believer that not everything that goes wrong is the devil/enemy but, I am fully aware that when we are on the brink of something great, he tries to cause us to abort purpose before process turns into progress. Therefore, we must be strategic and always ready to flex our God given authority.


I read an awesome book written by Marshawn Evans Daniels entitled “Believe Bigger”. In the book she stated; “for years… we have been taught and mentored (especially women) to take a softer approach to avoid stepping out of line.” She was told “we prefer stories over strategy, and because of that kind of thinking, it has left us clinging on to average”. She went on to say; “I would not subscribe to that type of teaching or belief… I am hear for the anointed life!” When I read that, I almost jumped out of my car… like YESSSS! Mrs. Daniels that is exactly why we are here.


God did not call us to just sit in church week after week, hearing powerful biblical stories, for us to never really tap into His anointing. I have no desire to play church, nor practice religious behaviors. I am here for the real power of God! I am here for the Anointed life.


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